Rainbow Chakra Smudge Sticks

Rainbow Chakra Smudge Sticks

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Keep your home happy and cleanse your space of negative energy with our Rainbow Chakra Smudge Sticks. Smudging and sage-burning have historically been used to clear negative energy out, welcoming positive energy back in. 

These smudge sticks have seven different-colored rose petals, each corresponding to one of the essential chakras. Smudge as often as you desire to experience purity and calmness, and to create balance. 

Cleansing Guidelines:

  1. Start with an open heart and mind, with the intention to receive blessings that will cleanse both you and your space.
  2. Open all the windows and doors in your home to allow air to circulate and negative energy to escape. 
  3. Light one end of the sage, burn for a few seconds and then gently blow it out to release a small trail of smoke. 
  4. Circulate around your home, relighting and fanning again as needed. You may pray or recite positive affirmations as you move around the space. 
  5. When finished, extinguish the flame. 


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