Astrology Readings — Bronxville 01/24/20

Astrology Readings — Bronxville 01/24/20

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Location: Found Herbal Apothecary | 118 Kraft Ave. Bronxville, NY  

Cost: $150 per person for 1 hour reading

Appointment required | Please email with your Birth Date, Time, and Place upon registering. 

A Found Herbal first — teacher and counselor of the healing arts Nicole Athena will be offering natal chart readings in both locations this January! Learn how your chart can provide insight into your day to day life in an hour-long,  one-on-one session. Appointment required. Please provide your birth time and location at registration. 

The moon controls the ocean tides and the collective mood or feeling “in the air.” The moon, sun, and all the planets were in a specific alignment on the day and time you were born, creating what is called a Birth or Natal Chart.

Just as Mountain Pose, in the practice of Yoga, is considered a “blueprint” for all of the standing poses (steady feet, strong legs, long spine, relaxed shoulders), a Natal Chart is like a metaphysical imprint of one’s qualities and attributes. I believe that we are microcosms of the macrocosm and that the universe holds wisdom and wants to provide us with experiences to support our growth. I imagine the placement of the planets in the sky when we were born representing the emotions, experiences, and events that mold us and hold the keys to discovering and aligning with our highest potential: our dharma.

The Natal Chart can be studied to glean insight into many aspects of one’s being. I am especially interested in the parts of the natal chart that point to one’s truest expression and potential in this lifetime. This tends to include the process of uncovering blocks and blind spots, i.e., the areas of life where we get “stuck” or withdraw due to fear and other deep emotions we may not be in touch with.

We can use the beautiful art of astrology to work with these blind spots in order to fulfill our goals and dreams and to align with our truth so that we may feel at home within ourselves.

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