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Do You Know What's in Your CBD?

6X CBD (available in 1 oz. and 2 oz.) is 100% pure hemp oil, this time with concentrated cannabidiol — 1500 mg+ per fluid oz. vs. the standard 250 mg+ per fluid ounce — that's ideal for those who are looking for a stronger product. 

Transparency is key for Found Herbal, especially when it comes to CBD. 

CBD has become an essential part of most self-care routines: calming anxiety, easing pain, and reducing inflammation. But, not all CBD products are the same. The market is flooded with overpriced, sub-par, and counterfeit products — and expensive doesn't always mean reputable!

On February 13, NBC 4 New York published an investigation that revealed that several popular CBD products actually contained little to no CBD and high concentrations of things like lead and pesticides. And, currently, no New York cannabis dispensaries — of any kind — are using organic growing practices. 

When choosing a CBD product you should look for:

  • Certified Organic
  • Broad-Spectrum
  • Third-Party Lab validation
    • Pesticide + Herbicide free (confirmed by Third-Party testing)
    • No heavy metals (confirmed by Third-Party testing)
And watch out for:
  • Flavorings
  • Additives
  • Solvents — like Butane (lighter fluid), often used to extract isolated CBD
We want to offer you the safest, most effective products possible. Found Herbal CBD is 100% pure hemp oil, broad-spectrum, and solvent-free. Sourced from organic farm in Colorado, every bottle on our shelves has corresponding batch reports (which we've included below!) from three third-party labs — the most advanced testing available.

Most importantly, we're here to help! Our ultimate goal is empowering you with the knowledge you need to choose what's best for you — that's why the Found Herbal Team is currently undertaking advanced CBD training. Come visit us in our store for an honest, educated opinion on  your current CBD — or to learn how CBD can enhance your wellness routine — today! 

We're looking forward to talking to you! 
~ Jessica + The Team

Keep an eye on your Instagrams, inboxes, and foundherbal.com:  Found Herbal CBD will be available for online purchase — COMING SOON! 

Batch reports for 6X CBD oil, displayed in order as follows:
- Potency
- Pesticides 
- Terpene profile 
- Mycotoxins
- Risidual solvents 

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