7 Tips for Surviving Allergy Season

The blossoming of spring — while utterly delightful — ushers in more than just new life and revitalizing sunshine. That’s right, it kicks off allergy season.

Allergies are basically a misfiring immune response. The immune system mistakes something innocent for an invader and attacks, triggering the release of histamines. Those histamines cause the runny and stuffy noses, sneezing, itchy and/or watery eyes, coughing, itchy skin, and dark undereye circles, rashes, stomach issues — and more — that afflict approximately 50 million people in the United States.

We’re surrounded by allergens year-round — hello mold, dust, animal dander...even food! — but allergy season hits when one of the most common triggers makes its debut: pollen.

Pollen can cause mild irritation or a severe allergic reaction otherwise known asHay Fever. And, since pollen travels through the air, it’s presence and effects are relentless. Basically, allergy season is months of everything from mild irritation to fatigue, brain fog, and general misery.

So how do we survive?! The key is PLANNING AHEAD. The sooner we start taking preventative measures i.e. bolstering our bodies defenses with herbs the less likely it is that we'll suffer symptoms — with the added benefit of supporting overall good health! Here’s how we say goodbye to itchy eyes, congestion, and springtime drippiness — and hello to bright-eyed, clear-headed springtime!


  1. Eat GOOD food!
Yes! We keep beating this drum. It’s impossible to OVERstate how crucial gut health is to alleviating other health issues — including allergies!

It’s simple: 80% of the immune system lives in your gut and a damaged, unbalanced immune system is more likely to misfire. Leaky Gut Syndrome, in particular, is a major contributor to allergies. It weakens and aggravates our immune response, which can cause worsening symptoms and seemingly spontaneous development. So, healing your gut barrier is the most crucial step to fighting seasonal allergies — and altering your diet is the first step!
  • Eat an anti-inflammatory diet focused on whole foods like dark leafy greens, deep yellow and orange vegetables, fruit, free-range animal products (including fish), nuts, and seeds.
*Those who suffer from OAS, will have to cook vegetables to consume them. There’s still benefit, but adding supplements as well will help boost vitamin intake.
  • Eat prebiotics like onion, garlic, asparagus, and Prebiotic Powder to support healthy gut flora.
  • Use probiotics — from fermented foods like Kefir, Sauerkraut, and Kimchi OR high-quality supplements — to replenish your gut bacteria and help improve barrier strength and immune function.
  • Identify and remove any food irritants like wheat or dairy i.e. things that cause bloating, gas, headaches, fatigue, trigger inflammation and digestive issues — or exacerbate mucus production.
  • Eliminate — or at least seriously limit — processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and/or alcohol.

      2.  Fortify your immune system.
A well balanced immune system can help modulate the allergic — i.e. strong misfire — response. While improving your diet is the best way to encourage healing, you can also use herbs to enhance your gut and immune system recovery.

If stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, or recent illness have dealt your immune system a blow, an herbal blend Immune Tonic can help regulate immune function and provide adrenal support to reduce stress and stress-induced inflammation.   

      3.  Detox, but GENTLY!
The liver and lymphatic system are responsible for moving inflammatory toxins — like allergens — out of the body. Slow livers and sluggish lymph movement hold toxins in the body, exacerbating inflammation and damaging immune health.

However, forcing a detox can stress and damage your detox pathways. Instead, focus on improving your diet and using herbs to gently support the proper function of your natural detox pathways.

     4.  Herbs & Herbal Remedies for the win!
There are so many herbs that can help support us through allergy season. Found Herbal has curated a selection of powerful herbal remedies that help support our bodies to prevent or relieve symptoms!
Multifaceted Nettle is a traditional “go-to” for allergies. This nutrient-rich herb contains phytonutrients that act as antioxidants and help decrease allergy-related inflammation and reduce histamines. Nettle also fortifies our bodies so that our system has the STRENGTH to fight off allergens ourselves.

Our NEW Nettle Tincture, concentrates the power of nettle, making it more accessible for allergy relief, kidney support, and a tonic for general wellness! Decadently delicious Raw Honey is full of trace amounts of pollen which, taken over time, can help desensitize your system to allergens!

This anti-fungal, antibacterial, prebiotic powerhouse — filled with unprocessed phytonutrients — helps support digestion, overall health, and wellbeing during allergy season!   Support your natural detox pathways — the liver, kidney and lymph nodes — to eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation two ways!

Gentle Detox Tea to savor morning, noon, or night OR a rich, tangy Detox Oxymel as an invigorating shot or served over a salad!  Support your new gut healing diet with Leaky Gut Tea!  This tea is packed with herbs like Plantain, Calendula and Fennel, that actively help repair a “Leaky” gut barrier. Stimulate the digestive tract to restart proper gut function, improve nutrient absorption. and support immune health! This blend also stimulates the liver to encourage natural detox. Classic Elderberry Honey’s infusion of Vitamin C-rich Elderberries in organic local honey —with trace amounts of local pollen! — is a sweet way to get powerful immune support into your life. Perfect for picky eaters and people with a sweet-tooth alike. Allergy Relief Tea is a fantastically easy way to protect from AND relieve allergy symptoms. Spring tonic herbs like Nettle to support proper system functioning throughout the entire body, Elderflower to soothe mucous membranes, and Goldenrod to reduce inflammation and control excess mucus.

     5.  Supplement your life.
It’s a popular vitamin for immune support and reducing oxidative stress BUT did you know that Vitamin C is also a natural antihistamine? You can find Vitamin C in colorful fruits and vegetables like oranges and tomatoes, in herbs like Elderberries, or in a trusted supplement!
Quercetin — found in foods like citrus fruits and onions —is a Bioflavonoid, a plant-derived dietary supplement, and another natural antihistamine! With its strong antioxidant capability, it inhibits histamine production and reduces inflammation.
Incorporating a collagen supplement like our favorite Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides can also help repair Leaky Gut and improve gut and immune function.
  • NAC 
Oxidative stress and the resulting chronic inflammation contribute to damaged immune systems and allergies.

NAC boosts your antioxidants to help remove free radicals and reduce the stress and inflammation in your body — it even supports lung health and can help with conditions like bronchitis! Find yours in the Found Herbal's supplements section!

     6.  Relax!
Stress increases inflammation and limits our bodies ability to care for itself — so don’t forget to take a little ME TIME once in a while.

     7.  For the love of everything, HYDRATE!
Our bodies are mostly water and we need water to function properly. Good hydration should be practiced all year round BUT if you’re the type of person who tends to forget… now is a good time to remember!

We’re so excited to share these 7 Tips and our specially formulated Found Herbal products for allergy season, detox, and gut health. By using all the tools at our disposal — herbs, supplements, and preventative measures — in a natural, holistic approach, we can make springtime more than something we simply endure!!! All it takes is a little planning ahead and all you allergy sufferers out there can happily greet each gorgeous spring day without worry.
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